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1-Day Special Events

2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival

*Wed, Mar 4 @ 7:00 PM: LADY VALOR: THE KRISTIN BECK STORY with Kristin Beck Q&A

*Thu, Mar 5 @ 7:30 PM: LOVE HUNTER


Starring Academy Award Winner for Best Actress JULIANNE MOORE
Fri-Thu: 2:00, 4:30, 7:00, & 9:20 PM except Wednesday: no 7 pm show!

With this tale of a secret-filled Hollywood family on the verge of implosion, director David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises, A History of Violence) forges both a wicked social satire and a very human ghost story from our celebrity-obsessed culture. Meet the Weiss family, who are making their way in a sun-soaked Southern California rife with money, dreams, fame, envy, angst, yearning—and relentless hauntings. Stafford Weiss (JOHN CUSACK) is a famed TV self-help therapist, whose "Hour of Personal Power" has brought him an A-list celebrity clientele. Meanwhile, Cristina Weiss (OLIVIA WILLIAMS) has her work cut out managing the career of their disaffected child-star son, Benjie (EVAN BIRD), a fresh graduate of rehab at age 13. Starring Academy Award winner for Best Actress JULIANNE MOORE for her role in STILL ALICE.

1 hr 52 min • R • Comedy • Dir. David Cronenberg


Washington Post & New York Times Critic's Pick
4 Film Award Nominations & 4 Wins

Fri-Thu: 1:40, 6:40, & 9:00 PM

Fed up with her abusive family situation, lack of school prospects and the “boys’ law” in the neighborhood, Marieme starts a new life after meeting a group of three free-spirited girls. She changes her name, her style, drops out of school and starts stealing to be accepted into the gang. When her home situation becomes unbearable, Marieme seeks solace in an older man who promises her money and protection. Realizing this sort of lifestyle will never result in the freedom and independence she truly desires, she finally decides to take matters into her own hands.

1 hr 53 min • NR FR (Caption-ENG) • Drama • Dir. Céline Sciamma


Starring Academy Award Winner for Best Actor, EDDIE REDMAYNE
4 Other Oscar Nominations, Including Best Picture & Actress
          Daily at 2:20 and 9:30 pm

Starring EDDIE REDMAYNE (Les Misérables) and FELICITY JONES (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), this is the extraordinary story of one of the world's greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age. With Jane fighting tirelessly by his side, Stephen embarks on his most ambitious scientific work, studying the very thing he now has precious little oftime. Together, they defy impossible odds, breaking new ground in medicine and science, and achieving more than they could ever have dreamed. The film is based on the memoir "Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen" by Jane Hawking, and is directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (Man on Wire).

2 hrs 3 min • PG-13 • Drama • Dir. James Marsh


Starring Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor, J.K. SIMMONS, Winner of Best Film Editing & Sound Mixing, & Nominated for Best Picture                                                                                      Daily at 5:00 and 7:20, except Thursday: no 7:20 show!

Andrew Neyman (MILES TELLER) is an ambitious young jazz drummer, single-minded in his pursuit to rise to the top of his elite east coast music conservatory. Plagued by the failed writing career of his father, Andrew hungers day and night to become one of the greats. Terence Fletcher (J.K. SIMMONS), an instructor equally known for his teaching talents as for his terrifying methods, leads the top jazz ensemble in the school. Fletcher discovers Andrew and transfers the aspiring drummer into his band, forever changing the young 
man's life. Andrew's passion to achieve perfection quickly spirals into obsession, as his ruthless teacher continues to push him to the brink of both his abilityand his sanity.

1 hr 46 min • R • Drama • Dir. Damien Chazelle


Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary                                  Daily at 4:00 pm

In January 2013, Laura Poitras (recipient of the 2012 MacArthur Genius Fellowship and co-recipient of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service) was several years into making a film about surveillance in the post-9/11 era when she started receiving encrypted e-mails from someone identifying himself as "citizen four," who was ready to blow the whistle on the massive covert surveillance programs run by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. In June 2013, she and journalist Glen Greenwald flew to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with the man who turned out to be Edward Snowden. She brought her camera with her. The film that resulted from this series of tense encounters is absolutely sui generis in the history of cinema: a 100% real-life thriller unfolding minute by minute before our eyes. Executive Produced by Steven Soderbergh.

1 hr 54 min • R • Documentary • Dir. Laura Poitras


Presented by the 2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Only Wednesday, March 4, 2015 @ 7:00 PM

Q&A with film subject Kristin Beck to follow

In LADY VALOR: THE KRISTIN BECK STORY, former U.S. Navy SEAL Christopher Beck embarks on a new mission as Kristin Beck. Kristin's journey in search of the American ideals that she protected have a whole new meaning as she lives her life truthfully as a transgender woman. Kristin served for over 20 years as a member of the elite special forces Navy SEALs on SEAL Team 1 as well as the United States Special Warfare Development Groupwhat many in the public refer to as SEAL Team 6. She retired in 2011 with the rank of Senior Chief and continued high-level clearance work for the United States government and the Pentagon.

But Kristin hid her true identity throughout and after her service knowing she would lose it all if anyone were to know her secret. In 2013, a year and a half after retirement, Kristin came out publicly first on LinkedIn and on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 soon thereafter. Many friends, colleagues and family were taken by surprise.

This film brings exclusive interviews from Kristin's family and friends about her service, as well as their reactions to her coming out. It also includes exclusive footage of Chris Beck in training and combat. The documentary was filmed only a few months after the AC360 piece had aired, and the truth is still fresh and emotional for those closest to her. While many people have been supportive, some in the public have expressed more bigotry than she ever expected. After a lifetime of service, Kristin has learned that her fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness did not end on the battlefield.

1 hr 30 min • NR • Documentary • Dir. Mark Herzog &
Sandrine Orabona


New York Times Critic's Pick
Only Thursday, March 5, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

He doesn’t look like a stereotypical rock star, but this rough-hewn dynamo of a Manhattan cab driver, who hauls a guitar in the trunk, is the real deal. Milan Mumin is an idolized rock’n’roll icon back home in Serbia, as well as a political activist hero with nerve and charm to spare. LOVE HUNTER makes the most of the musician’s considerable charisma, pounding out a fictional story of an immigrant’s faltering dream to finance recording sessions with nights behind the wheel while balancing a compromised love life with a foot in both worlds.

1 hr 26 min • NR • ENG & SRB (Caption-ENG) • Musical, Performing Arts, Drama • Dir. Branislav "Brane" Bala & Nemanja Bala