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Opens September 5th!  Starring Elisabeth Moss, Mark Duplass!

On the brink of separation, Ethan (Duplass) and Sophie (Moss) escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to save their marriage. What begins as a romantic and fun retreat soon becomes surreal, when an unexpected discovery forces the two to examine themselves, their relationship, and their future.

The highly anticipated debut feature from acclaimed author Charlie McDowell, THE ONE I LOVE is an original tale that continues to showcase McDowell's keen observations of human relationships with a distinct and comedic voice. THE ONE I LOVE, written by Justin Lader, was produced by Mel Eslyn and executive produced by Mark Duplass who stars opposite Elisabeth Moss.

91 min  •  •  Dir. Charlie McDowell


One night only!  September 10th!

Screenvision, in partnership with Phase 4 Films presents DURAN DURAN UNSTAGED on September 10th at 7:30pm. This one time concert presentation is directed by David Lynch.

The band performs 18 songs, including "Hungry Like The Wolf" "A View To Kill" "Ordinary World" and "Rio." Also appearing are Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, The Gossip's Beth Ditto, Mark Ronson and Kelis.

Directed with a kinetic visual intensity that makes it easily recongizable as a David Lynch creation, DURAN DURAN UNSTAGED is quite unlike any concert doc ever put on screen- it's a dream collaboration that presents the band's energy and Lynch's playful interventions on the grand scale they so uniquely merit.

112 min  •  NR  •  Dir. David Lynch


One night only - September 11th

ERROL MORRIS: A LIGHTNING SKETCH is a back door documentary. Filmmakers Charles Musser and Carina Tautu travel to Fourth Floor Productions to interview Errol Morris in lieu of a personal appearance. They find him still depressed from the harsh critical reception of his documentary STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE, but also from the senseless and unexpected death of his former editor, Karen Schmeer.

The melancholic mood is sublimated by a whirlwind of activity: a phone interview with V.S. Ramachandran, preparing his NY Times blog on anosognosia for publication, and the finishing of TABLOID. Their efforts take an unexpected twist as the pervading mood of despair finally begins to lift

72 min  •  NR  •  Dir. Charles Musser, Carina Tautu


Opens September 12th!

A strange singer with ‘god given talent’ drifts through the mythic city of Memphis under its canopy of ancient oak trees, shattered windows and burning spirituality.

Surrounded by lovers, legends, hustlers, preachers, and a wolfpack of kids, the unstable performer avoids the recording studio and is driven to spend time in his own form of self-discovery. Shown in fragments, his journey drags him from love and happiness right to the edge of another dimension.

Featuring an explosive performance and score from Willis Earl Beal, MEMPHIS is a film steeped in folklore, music, surrealism, and the abstract search for glory.

75 min  •  NR  •  Dir. Tim Sutton


Based on Charlotte Roche's controversial and best selling novel. Official selection - Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals

Opens September 12th!

Directed by David Wnendt (Combat Girls). Eighteen year-old Helen Memel (Carla Juri) likes to skateboard, masturbate with vegetables and thinks that body hygiene is greatly overrated. Struggling with her parents’ divorce, she spends her time experimenting and breaking one social taboo after the other with her best friend, Corinna (Marlen Kruse). When a shaving accident lands her in the hospital, she sees it as a way to reconcile her parents and forms an unlikely bond with her male nurse, Robin (Christoph Letkowski). WETLANDS is an unapologetically vulgar coming-of-age tale about divorce, first love and anal fissures. Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, SXSW.

109 min  •  NR  •  Dir. David Wnendt  •  In German w/ subtitles


Presented by The Royal Shakespeare Company!  Captured LIVE from RSC's stage in Stratford-upon-Avon!

Monday, September 22nd at 7pm                                                                Saturday, September 27th at 11am                                                         

Valentine and Proteus are best friends until they both fall in love with the Duke's daughter Silvia. But Proteus is already sworn to his sweetheart Julia at home in Verona, and the Duke thinks Valentine is not good enough for his Silvia.

With friendship forgotten, the rivals' affections quickly get out of hand as the four young lovers find themselves on a wild chase through the woods, confused by mistaken identity and threatened by fierce outlaws before they find a path to reconciliation.

Simon Godwin makes his RSC debut to direct Shakespeare's exuberant romantic comedy. Simon is Associate Director of the Royal Court. His production of Strange Interlude recently played to critical acclaim at the National Theatre.


One time showing - October 14th! 

MEN OF THE CLOTH is an inspiring portrait of Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli and Joe Centofanti, three Italian master tailors who confront the decline of the apprentice system as they navigate their challenging roles in the twilight of their career. The film unravels the mystery of their artistry and reveals how their passionate devotion to their Old World craft is akin to a religion.

96 min  •  NR  •  Dir. Vicki Vasilopoulos